A few days ago, Google launched its Android 12 operating system in the form of the first Developer Preview. According to XDA Developers breakdown, the preview came with several new UI changes and some new features as well. However, one of the features that we found unique is the one-handed mode, which has a hidden ‘Silki Home’ feature that further brings down the interactive UI elements towards the bottom of the screen in order to make one-handed use easier. However, Phonearena speculates that Google introduced this new feature just because it is about to launch the large-screen ‘XL’ variant of its upcoming Pixel smartphone, which is being dubbed as the Pixel 6.

It's worth adding that last year Google did not launch the ‘XL’ variant of Pixel 5. However, going by the UI feature, it looks like Pixel 6 and 6 XL might be on the cards. But we don’t think this is an indication of any sorts. Needless to say, Google has not confirmed anything about the upcoming Pixel models. And we haven't seen any leak around the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 XL yet. 

We saw Google introducing native dual-screen mode in Android 11 last year, but that didn't lead to the firm launching a foldable handset.

What we can say for sure is that whenever the upcoming Pixel smartphones launch, they will surely be running Android 12 out of the box. We may also see some Pixel exclusive features in the future Developer Preview versions.

One of the rumoured Pixel-exclusive Android 12 features is ‘Smart Auto-rotate’. As of now, the auto-rotate feature works in a way that your phone stays in portrait mode when you hold it straight during regular usage and it goes into landscape mode when you rotate it. 9To5Google reported that Google is planning to roll out a feature for its Pixel smartphones in the Android 12 that will automatically rotate the display based on a user’s face. This is supposed to be down with the help of the front-facing camera.

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