According to the United States Department of Justice announcement, $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency was seized by North Korean hackers. It was determined that North Korean hackers took $500,000 from more than one organization. The ransomware used by North Korean hackers is ‘Maui.’ North Korean hackers, who encrypt sensitive data of large businesses with Maui, only accepted payment in cryptocurrencies. But the FBI first followed the hackers and later recovered the extorted cryptocurrencies.

North Korean hackers targeted healthcare organizations and public health

A few weeks ago, the ransomware was reported to the FBI by the victims. A few weeks ago, the ransomware was reported to the FBI by the victims. Healthcare providers in Kansas and Colorado paid ransom demands.

Healthcare organizations infected with ransomware made crypto payments to North Korean hackers so their vital operations would not be disrupted. The FBI got back $120,000 initially, then $280,000 after the situation was reported.

How seizure happened

The FBI did not disclose details of the operation. But Tom Robinson, founder and chief scientist of Elliptic, which analyzes Bitcoin payments, told the BBC about the issue. According to Tom Robinson, hackers may have been caught converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currency.

Although hackers prefer cryptocurrencies because they are untraceable, this is not exactly the case. Cryptocurrency movements cannot be audited, but if you convert your crypto into legal money and send it to your bank, your identity will be revealed. If the hackers in question are acting as a group, as they probably are, it’s enough to get one of them. Although crypto exchange platforms give importance to data privacy, they must share identities when necessary. Cryptocurrencies known for their security may not be secure enough when illegal transactions are made.

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